Airoflex Floor Scrubber Squeegee

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Floors so dry, scrubber operators are asking…“Is the water on?”

Up to 50% less water on the floor.






The Airoflex™ front squeegee is a patent-pending design that replaces the traditional
u-channel with an Airoflex valve.



"Cleaning the gym floor normally takes one hour, but with Airoflex it only took 30 minutes."

Local High Schools Custodian



Time Savings From:


• No rescrubbing

• No trail mopping

• Running the scrubber faster because it doesn’t leave water on the turns


The new front squeegee design provides superior water pickup on all floor types and works especially well on uneven surfaces like grouted tile.









• Fails to adjust to surface changes

• Loses contact with the floor

• Decreases vacuum performance

• Increases water left on the floor


• Adjusts to surface changes

• Maintains contact with the floor

• Maintains optimal vacuum performance

• Decreases water left on the floor by up to 50%