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Bakery and confectionery production needs vary from one product to the next. For example, sweets and dough-based products may have characteristics that require very different release properties. About the only thing they have in common, besides cleanablity, is the need for resistance to oils and fats. We stock friction by friction belts, polyurethane covered belts, modular belts and profile covered belts to keep products moving from extrusion and cutting through cooling and packaging.


We offer:

• Fabric and modular belting design and fabrication

• High release belt covers for sugar, caramel and chocolate

• Vacuum punching, v-guiding and cleating

• Conveyor chain (often called "tabletop chain") and conveyor components

• Finger splice, skive splice, step splice and mechanical belt fastening

• 24/7 Breakdown services and field installation

• Teflon and silicone open-mesh belting for heat seal and drying applications