Flour and Packaging

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Before it becomes the foundation for hundreds of food products, flour must be transferred from bulk to bag. Milling and packaging operations require high speed form-and-fill capabilities with long service life and high reliability. We provide belting products that help you comply with all health and safety requirements while resisting abrasion. We also offer years of knowledge and experience in high-speed packaging applications, and source and stock truly endless belts from leading manufacturers.


We offer:

• Fabric and modular belting design and fabrication

• Vacuum punching, v-guiding and cleating

• Truly endless Form/Fill packaging system belting

• Conveyor chain (often called "tabletop chain") and conveyor components

• Finger splice, skive splice, step splice and mechanical belt fastening

• 24/7 Breakdown services and field installation

• Teflon and silicone open-mesh belting for heat seal and drying applications