Fruits and Vegetables

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Fruits and vegetables need to be handled or processed quickly while they are fresh. These time limitations are critical for protecting product quality, consumer health, workplace safety, and regulatory compliance. Grown and harvested food products have brief harvest seasons, which requires high capacity in relatively short duty cycles. In addition to our fabric belt fabrications, we provide highly durable, abrasion-resistant, easy-to-clean modular belting products, stocked and built on site, with 24-hour field service and installation of modular, fabric and non-fabric belts.


We offer:

• Fabric and modular belting design and fabrication

• Dewatering belts styles

• Vacuum punching, v-guiding and cleating

• Conveyor chain (often called "tabletop chain") and conveyor components

• Finger splice, skive splice, step splice and mechanical belt fastening

• 24/7 Breakdown services and field installation

• Teflon and silicone open-mesh belting for dewatering, heat seal and drying applications

• Urethane can cable and v-belt profiles