Meat, Poultry and Seafood

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Animal products such as meat, poultry, and seafood are among the most perishable items in the food and beverage industry. That means they require efficient and hygienic handling for consumer health, workplace safety, and regulatory compliance. To help producers manage these demands, we stock and build modular belting products, including clean-in-place compatible belts that help conserve water during cleaning. We also offer 24-hour breakdown belt fabrication, field service and installation of modular, fabric and non-fabric belts.


We offer:

• Fabric and modular belting design and fabrication

• Vacuum punching, v-guiding, edsealing and cleating

• Sepamatic and BAADER-type belts

• Conveyor chain (often called "tabletop chain") and conveyor components

• Finger splice, skive splice, step splice and mechanical belt fastening

• 24/7 Breakdown services and field installation

• Teflon and silicone open-mesh belting for heat seal and drying applications

• Clean-in-place modular belt cleaning systems