To complement our products, we provide services that help our customers improve processes, increase uptime, and reduce total cost of ownership. We take pride in delivering knowledgeable support and responding quickly to customer requests. Our expert technicians offer skilled installation and maintenance services that help you get the most from our products.


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Maintenance and Repair


Whether your belting equipment is in use for one daily shift or three, you want to avoid unscheduled downtime. To help you maintain a consistent and efficient workflow, we start with reliable, high quality belting products. Then we recommend regular maintenance visits to maximize performance and watch for potential problems. This makes repairs or upgrades faster and easier when the need arises.


Our emergency service operator is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, ready to dispatch a field service crew with a fully equipped truck to your location, or arrange for your belt to be brought to our repair shop. Everything we do has the same goal: to help keep your belt conveyors run effectively and your production operations successful.



Belting Products Consulting


Every industry and location has its own unique application requirements; no two facilities are alike. We offer application consulting services to help you choose the most effective belting products for your operations.


Common belting considerations include durability, ease of cleaning, resistance to abrasion or chemicals, operating temperatures, adhesive or release properties, and compatibility with nosebars or backbending. Midwest Rubber Service and Supply inventories rubber belting types that include natural rubber, nitrile, neoprene, butyl, EPDM, and silicone. Our non-rubber belting types include urethane, PVC and RMV.


We customize every consultation according to your immediate needs and your long-term plans. Drawing on decades of experience and the resources of leading suppliers, we can recommend and provide improvements in materials, configurations, and processes to maximize your productivity.


Floor Care Consulting


Squeegees and skirts perform simple but critical functions in floor care. Yet no single material is best for all situations. One kind of squeegee or skirt might be ideal for one application and poor for another. In choosing floor care parts, consider three factors: edge, application, and material.


• Edge refers to the part of a squeegee or skirt that makes contact with the floor. We use die cutting to produce sharp, accurate edges on every blade.

• Application is the floor to be cleaned and the soil to be removed. Porous surfaces with heavy build-up will require a different approach from smooth floors with light traffic.

• Material refers to the natural rubber or synthetic polymer used to make the squeegee or skirt. The most appropriate choice generally depends on details of the application.


Midwest Rubber offers application consulting services to help you choose the most effective products for your equipment. We can help you find ways to improve performance, extend service life, and increase productivity.




We are glad to provide technical support and help customers with material selection. For customers who need expertise on call or on site, we share our knowledge through training. This helps the customer find answers and solve problems more quickly while reducing costs.


Our T.E.A.C.H. program provides Training, Education, Applications Consulting, and How-tos. Each course is designed to fit customer requirements, following an A.B.C. model:


A. Assess your training needs and goals

B. Build your customized program

C. Confirm dates and details


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