Squeegee Blades and Skirts

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No matter how well any machine soaks and scours a floor, the results only show after the soil and water are removed. A total cleaning solution should deliver performance and safety while meeting economic and environmental requirements. Not just any red rubber or generic polyurethane will do the job.


We maintain high standards for quality and performance; we control costs by improving our processes, not by compromising our products. For less demanding applications, we also provide quality controlled, price-conscious commodity rubber products.



Airoflex Floor Scrubber Squeegee

The Airoflex Floor Scrubber Squeegee is a patent-pending squeegee design that replaces the traditional u-channel with an Airoflex valve.


The new design provides superior water pick-up on all floor types and works especially well on uneven surfaces like grouted tile. The Airoflex design leaves up to 50 percent less water on the floor.


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Linatex Floor Scrubber Squeegee

Midwest Rubber is the exclusive global supplier of floor-care grade genuine Linatex premium rubber products and Primothane polyurethane products. We work with OEM partners to optimize these materials for their equipment designs, using our extensive research and development and testing capabilities.


Linatex is made in a low energy, minimal impact manufacturing process that retains the important physical properties of natural rubber. Natural latex is inherently strong, resilient, and abrasion resistant; this makes Linatex an ideal squeegee material.


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Primothane polyurethane is specifically formulated for water-pickup and drying characteristics. It resists oil, chemical, and abrasion while retaining hardness. Primothane provides excellent results when used in front or side squeegees or skirts. Midwest Rubber process capabilities for Primothane include bulk sheet, ribbed sheet, cut, molded, branding, custom color, and sewing.


Download the PRIMOthane product brochure.