Service is in our name

Our family-owned company is committed to your success. We listen carefully to your requirements, and look for ways to help you improve your results. Your priorities inspire us to solve problems with innovative, cost-conscious solutions.

We build long term relationships with customers and supply chain partners. Our goal is to develop innovative products that provide you with competitive advantages.


Our Mission is to build strong relationships with customers and suppliers in the rubber, belting, and floor care markets. We understand their challenges and develop competitive advantages to help them succeed. We offer high quality products and services that bring unique benefits to users. Inspired by growth opportunities for employees and the company, we continue to innovate and pursue continuous improvement.

I want to highlight the amazing commitment and response from our team!  Late last night one of my customers had an emergency and everyone pitched in to get them up and running."

Application Consultant

Midwest Rubber Service & Supply Co.


We are family

From the day Chuck Anderson and Paul Johnson turned in their car keys and walked out the front door of their stable big company job, they envisioned a new company focused on service.  A company that offers more than just high-quality products, but also supplies in depth consultation to processing companies craving more expertise for their new, more complex automated equipment.  As a result, In April of 1976 Midwest Rubber Service & Supply was incorporated.


With a vision and a prayer they built their product lines by partnering with the best manufacturers who were aligned with their service goals.  They opened a small fabrication shop so they could carry inventory, make finished parts and support the customer from beginning to end.  24/7 service and support meant family dinners, vacations and holidays were often interrupted by the need to make parts, hand deliver them and help with installations when customers were down. Today this is still how it works, but the team, building, fabrication equipment and processes are bigger and better.


While the business grew so did the family.  By the time Chuck bought Paul's portion of the business he had five kids.  The family values of hard work and servant leadership meant everyone pitched in at home, in the community and in the business.  From cleaning the Midwest Rubber office space to assembling sample packs it was a family affair. Today the second generation runs the business and the 3rd gen has started to pitch in where needed.  All employees, suppliers and customers are treated like a professional family.


The Andersons want to thank all of our current customers and suppliers for their support and we hope to welcome any new prospects into our professional family.