Squeegees for Rubber Floors

PRIMOthane® Floor Scrubber squeegees pick-up more water on Rubber Floors

The wrong floor scrubber squeegee will leave your rubber floors wet with dirty water. This results in long dry times, and potential damage to your floors. In some cases, excess water on rubber floors can void your rubber floor warranty.

Rubber squeegees on rubber floors are too grippy and cause too much friction. This causes squeaking and loss of vacuum leading to water left on the floor.

Thats why you need specially formulated low friction  PRIMOthane® squeegees.

PRIMOthane® & Airoflex PRIMOthane® squeegees will leave your rubber floors clean, dry and safe every time you run your machine.

primothane rubber recommedation grid

We tried Airoflex PRIMOthane® squeegees on our walking track and immediately we could tell there was less water left behind."


Facility Manager

YMCA Community Recreation Center


rubber track austin mn

   Signs your floor scrubber squeegee isn't doing the job!

Empty recovery tank = water left on the floor
dry recovery tank linatex on rubber track
Full recovery tank = clean dry rubber floors
water in recovery tank with airoflex
  • Water is visible on the floor

  • Long dry times

  • Small or no amount of dirty water in the recovery tank

  • Squeaking noise

  • Floor discoloration (gray residue from dirty water left behind)

  • Running your scrubber multiple times to try and pick up the water

Get the right squeegee to save you time and money

If you are looking to improve the performance of your floor scrubber machine on your rubber floors, Midwest Rubber can help!

  • 1

    Identify the best squeegee

    We consider your facility environment, floor types, cleaning solution,  equipment brand, and current cleaning or squeegee issues to make a recommendation. 

  • 2

    Provide easy order information

    We will help you easily order Linatex, Primothane and Airoflex from your OEM or approved distributor

  • 3

    Achieve a clean, dry floor

    By simply using the best squeegee you will optimize the performance of your auto scrubber

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