Conveyor Belts for Building Materials

Choose the right belt for your building materials equipment

You deserve a conveyor belt that is tailor-made for the specific application and industry that your unique conveying environment demands. Our Application Specialists are experts in selecting the very best belt for your application, so that your conveyor system is running with peak efficiency to help meet the many demands your plant requires.

It’s a simple process that starts by identifying what you do or don’t like about your current belt while considering your application needs, current equipment designs and environmental needs.

Problems you may notice

  •  Premature belt wear.
  • Cracking cover, subject to high heat, attack from additives provided to manufacturing end product.
  • Overall durability.
  • Vulcanized belt splice or seam failing.
  • Stretching & elongation.
  • Mechanical metal lace failures.
  • Static Issues (electrical charge that could ignite an explosion)
  • Severe cracking from chemical attack
  • Material build up on belt surface

Things to consider

  • Cost & belt life.
  • Environmental conditions (dust, humidity, hot, cold).
  • Your specific conveyor design
  • Do you need high or low grip covers? (hard, soft, tacky)
  • Cover material and profile needed (PVC, TPU, rubber material type, smooth or rough surface)?
  • Chemical resistance if using varnish & lacquers
  • Static and Flame Retardant requirements

For help getting the right belt

Conveyor belt for CNC woodworking wood processing machine

Industries We Serve

  • Windows & Doors

  • Granite, Stone, & Quartz

  • Wood & Cabinets

  • Concrete, Aggregate, & Asphalt

Conveyor Belt Support and Service

Field installation

Part identification & brand cross reference

Application trouble shooting

Production line optimization

Plant & equipment surveys

Inventory management

Custom part development


Field Installations, Emergency Service & Maintenance 24/7

Our experienced application specialists can quickly assess the situation and offer you belt solutions from our extensive inventory. We have 4 trained installers with combined experience of 20 Years. With our install crew, for most jobs it’s a "been there done that" situation so you are up and running in no time.