Weir Linatex® and Midwest Rubber

Weir Linatex® + MWR = Stronger Together

How did Midwest Rubber become a dedicated partner for Linatex squeegees?

In 1978, Midwest Rubber's Founder, Chuck Anderson, was fascinated by the abrasion-resistant Linatex material his conveyor belt customers were using in tough environments. Recognizing its potential as a superior squeegee material for floor scrubbers, Anderson partnered with *Linatex Co., who was seeking diversification beyond mining. Together, they developed a squeegee using Linatex® rubber and conducted extensive field testing. The material's durability, tear resistance, and exceptional water pick-up impressed everyone involved. Today, Linatex remains renowned as the top choice for squeegees in the floorcare industry.


*Linatex is a registered trademark in the name of Linatex Limited, a WeirGroup PLC company


Weir Mineral's Linatex has been a great partner to Midwest Rubber for over 45 years. Our strong relationship and success in the floorcare industry is truly a testament to mutual trust, innovation, and a shared vision. We look forward to many more."

Brent Anderson

Midwest Rubber President


Linatex Rubber turns 100!

With Linatex squeegees, expect nothing less than clean and dry floors every time you run your floor scrubber.


  • Manufacturing The wet phase manufacturing process makes it one of a kind.
  • Purity 95% natural rubber  
  • Consistency The formula remains unchanged since 1923 

Linatex Formula and Process Remain Unchanged for a Century

Linatex® Premium Rubber, manufactured solely by Weir Minerals Malaysia, is celebrating its 100-year anniversary as the industry leader in defence against abrasion. The distinctive red rubber, renowned for its resilience, strength, resistance to wear and abrasion, offers exceptional performance in the harshest of mining and aggregate environments 

Get the right squeegee to save you time and money

If you are looking to improve the performance of your floor scrubber machine, Midwest Rubber can help

  • 1

    Identify the best squeegee

    We consider your facility environment, floor types, cleaning solution,  equipment brand, and current cleaning or squeegee issues to make a recommendation. 

  • 2

    Provide easy order information

    We will help you easily order Linatex, Primothane, and Airoflex from your OEM or approved distributor

  • 3

    Achieve a clean, dry floor

    By simply using the best squeegee you will optimize the performance of your auto scrubber

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