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Durable Husker Rollers & Other Corn Processing Parts

We designed better corn parts by listening to our customers. Our proprietary design, process and material formulation make our corn parts durable and gentle. We spent two years on R&D and then another two years field-testing to bring you corn processing parts that are compatible with all OEM equipment brands. We manufacture all seed and sweet corn processing replacement parts and stock locally for easy ordering and shipment.

I can't thank you enough for calling your team in over the weekend so we could have new husker rollers loaded onto our truck Sunday morning! You may just have saved our season."

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Part identification & brand cross reference

Application trouble shooting

Processing line optimization & SKU reduction

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Emergency Service & Shipments available 24/7 365

Our experienced application specialists can quickly assess the situation and offer you parts from our extensive inventory. With our on-call emergency crew, for most jobs it’s a "been there done that" situation so you are up and running in no time.

In-stock parts ship the next day


Frequently Asked Questions

MWR corn husker rollers have been used in the market since 2012 and are compatible with all OEM equipment brands.

  • MWR Husker rollers were rigorously tested in the field.
  • MWR manufactures our rollers using a proprietary process and material formulation which ensures a precise fit that often leads to less machine vibration and wear.
  • “Because they fit better, Midwest Rubber rollers are easier to install and take off.” Source: Midwest Rubber Customer

Getting the right part will save you time and money

If you are looking to improve the performance, cost or lead time of a part for your machine, Midwest Rubber can help

  • 1

    Identify the best part

    We can help you find the right part that will not only fit your equipment but perform better and last longer

  • 2

    Get parts when you need them

    In stock parts ship next day to minimize downtime during the season

  • 3

    Keep your equipment running

    By simply using the best part you will optimize the performance of your equipment so you can focus on your people and output


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Thank you so much for the prompt response to our emergency! I realize I probably interrupted your dinner. Most customer service Reps would have let that go until morning. We are up and running again with little time lost.  You are the best!"

Brian G.
Maintenance Manager