Airoflex Squeegee

Airoflex front squeegees enhance water pick-up on any type of floor

Airoflex® is a patented design that replaces the u-channel on PRIMOthane® and Linatex® front squeegees with an arrow-shaped valve.


By simply changing to a squeegee with Airoflex, the entire scrubber machine performs better. The Airoflex design can be easily dropped into any squeegee assembly on any machine.  No new training or instructions needed.

Airoflex outperformed traditional U-channel squeegees with a 40% increase in vacuum performance by creating a better seal on uneven floors. This cuts cleaning times in half -no more trail mopping or rescrubbing.


Best for these floors and situations:

  • Grouted tile

  • Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT heavy embossed texture)

  • Textured rubber (running tracks and field house floors)

  • Transitions between floor types

  • Facilities with multiple floor surfaces

See the difference between Airoflex & conventional U-channel squeegees

Drops into any squeegee assembly


Cleaning the gym floor normally takes one hour, but with Airoflex it only took 30 minutes."

Facility Manager
Community Gymnasium

Get the right squeegee to save you time and money

If you are looking to improve the performance of your floor scrubber, Midwest Rubber can help

  • 1

    Identify the best squeegee

    We consider your facility environment, floor types, cleaning solution, equipment brand, and current cleaning or squeegee issues to make a recommendation 

  • 2

    Provide easy order information

    We will help you easily order Linatex, Primothane and Airoflex from your OEM or approved distributor

  • 3

    Achieve a clean, dry floor

    By simply using the best squeegee you will optimize the performance of your auto scrubber

We were actually thinking we needed to buy a new scrubber machine but now that we have these Midwest Rubber blades it's picking up the water great."

Gary L.
Facility Manager

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