Packaging & Material Handling

Choose the right belt for your packaging & material handling equipment

Your conveyor belt isn't performing like it should and you need to find one that works better.  Problems such as fraying edges or product loss can be solved by simply choosing the right belt material and style for your equipment. Our application specialists will help you narrow down the choices to find one that will eliminate the problem so you can get back to your people and production goals.

Problems you may notice

  • Fraying edges
  • Premature breakdown of the belt cover
  • Splice failure
  • Not easily cleaned
  • Product sticking and not releasing smoothly
  • Product loss at transfer
  • Cracking Cover
  • Staining
  • Not easy to install
  • Stretching & elongation
  • Static issues (electrical charge)

Things to consider

  • Type of equipment
  • Temperature range 
  • Speed of the process (high or low)
  • Pulley diameters
  • Nose bars
  • Use of metal detectors
  • Previous belt failures
  • Wash down chemicals & detergents 
  • Environmental conditions (dust, humidity).
  • Your specific conveyor design
  • The need for high or low grip covers

For help getting the right belt

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Industries We Serve

  • Paper, Carton, & Corrugated

  • Packaging

  • Sorting & Warehouse Distribution

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Field Installations, Emergency Service & Maintenance 24/7

Our experienced application specialists can quickly assess the situation and offer you belt solutions from our extensive inventory. We have 4 trained installers with combined experience of 20 Years. With our install crew, for most jobs it’s a "been there done that" situation so you are up and running in no time.