Quick-Change Squeegee Assembly

Change a floor scrubber squeegee in less than 1 minute? Yes! 

The new quick-change squeegee assembly by Midwest Rubber gets the job done! Imagine a trail of dirty water on the floor because a worn-out squeegee needs to be changed. Tight schedules don't include an extra 20 minutes to swap out the squeegee. No one wants to spend time bending, kneeling, and squatting to change a squeegee. While still attached to the machine, simply slide out the old squeegee and slide in the new. In 1 minute, you're back to cleaning floors.

Quicker, Easier, and Safer

  • No tools are needed

  • No removing the assembly from the machine

  • No unscrewing wing nuts or unfastening clamps

  • No parts lost during the changeover

  • No complicated training since instructions are single step vs. multiple

  • No slip & falls resulting in $$$ claims




Slide Out

Slide In


Add the Quick-Change Assembly to your next floor scrubber design

Use the Quick-Change Squeegee Assembly predesign to help you reach your machine goals on time and on budget. Be a leader in innovation by offering your customers a squeegee change that is quicker, easier, and safer.

  • 1

    Co-Design the best assembly

    We can present options that will increase performance, decrease cost, and improve durability

  • 2

    Prototype, sample, and test

    We can provide samples and prototypes fast, so you can test and make adjustments 

  • 3

    Keep machine goals on target

    From design to distribution, we work alongside you as an extension of the team to ensure your performance and budget goals are met 

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