Primothane Squeegee

No other urethane squeegee picks up more water

PRIMOthane® floor scrubber squeegees are made of a custom formulated urethane with properties ideal for optimal water pick-up leaving floors clean, dry and safe.

Recommended for use when you notice your rubber squeegee is squeaking, chattering, warping, wearing prematurely or not picking up the water.


Best for these floors and situations:

  • Epoxy anti-slip grit floors (on pool decks, in entry ways and high traffic areas)

  • Luxury Vinyl Tile floors (LVT heavy embossed texture)

  • Rubber floors (in work out gyms or running/walking tracks)

  • Where low noise is required (hospitals and healthcare facilities, daytime cleaning)

  • Oil or grease on floors

  • In low water conditions (causes dry abrasion on squeegee edges)


We tried PRIMOthane with Airoflex on our walking track and almost immediately we could tell there was less water left behind."

Facility Manager

YMCA Community Recreation Center


Primothane Use & Care

Primothane, like all urethanes, should be specially handled and stored for maximum life and performance.
Primothane Top
  • Shelf Life:

    12 months from Midwest Rubber ship date

  • Working Temperature:

    50° to 140°F (10° to 40°C)

  • Packaging:

    Tightly sealed box or black plastic bag

  • Storage:

    1. Cool, dry, dark and well-ventilated area
    2. Raise squeegee off the floor, when equipment is not in use

  • Avoid:

    1. Direct sunlight, applying weight or tension
    2. Contact with sharp edges, ABS/PVC plastics, strong acids & alkalis

  • Tips:

    Sweep floor before cleaning and rinse squeegee with water.

Get the right squeegee to save you time and money

If you are looking to improve the performance of your floor scrubber machine, Midwest Rubber can help

  • 1

    Identify the best squeegee

    We consider your facility environment, floor types, cleaning solution,  equipment brand, and current cleaning or squeegee issues to make a recommendation. 

  • 2

    Provide easy order information

    We will help you easily order Linatex, Primothane and Airoflex from your OEM or approved distributor

  • 3

    Achieve a clean, dry floor

    By simply using the best squeegee you will optimize the performance of your auto scrubber

We were actually thinking we needed to buy a new scrubber machine but now that we have these Midwest Rubber blades it's picking up the water great."

Gary L.
Facility Manager

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