Floor Scrubber Custom Parts

Premium Parts & Design Support

Midwest Rubber designs, manufactures and supplies high-quality parts for original equipment manufacturers who value our extensive knowledge of floor scrubbers in the field. If you have a floor scrubber in development and need parts support, talk to one of our specialists about your project and goals.

Reach Your Machine Goals on Time and on Budget

We combine our extensive knowledge of materials, fabrication, and floor scrubber applications to co-create parts with improved cost savings, performance, manufacturability, and functionality. By involving us early in the process, we can help you reach your machine cleaning performance goals on time and on budget.

Send us a drawing of a part you currently buy somewhere else and we will deploy the same resources we use to develop new parts. We can make suggestions for improvements or copy what you currently use.



Dip molding

Injection molding


3d printing

Open cast PU molding (sheet??)


Compression molding

Over molding

Bonding / Adhering/ Attaching 

Adhesives glues



Precision cutting

Die cut


Laser cut

Water jet cut

Hand cut

CNC machining



Design consultation

Cad drawings

Testing, NPD


Squeegee material/machine optimization

Reverse engineering


We can help meet your development goals by performing squeegee optimization testing on your machine.  The final lab report will identify the squeegee combination that provides the best water pick-up by taking into account squeegee dimension, hardness, and material.


  • Front 
  • Side
  • Rear 


  • Linatex
  • Linard
  • Primothane
  • Gum

Fabrication Capabilities:

  • Die Cut
  • Flash Cut
  • Molded
  • Waterjet cut
  • Laser Cut
  • 3D Print
  • Sewn
  • Assemblies

We can provide a drop-in pre-designed squeegee assembly or co-design a new one so you can focus on the other parts of your machine. 

Ask us about our new quick-change squeegee assembly

Our goal is to help manufacturers build vacuum and recovery systems that are clean, simple, and trouble-free for equipment operators. From product design through manufacturing and distribution.  We can hep you get the right hose and cuff combination that meets your budget, is durable and wont fail in the field.


  • Cut to length
  • Custom injection molded cuffs
  • Glued on cuffs
  • Leak pressure powered testing
  • Liquid submersion testing


  • Vacuum
  • Flexible (on crush)
  • Stretch
  • Crush-proof™ corrugated
  • Custom hoses and tubing
  • Bulk material handling
  • Duct hose
  • Drain (blow molded)
  • Air
  • Tubing
  • Site tubes

CUFFS (list of cuff sizes)

  • Straight Cuffs
  • Angle Cuffs
  • Pinch Cuffs
  • Expanded Cuffs
  • Plugs and Caps
  • Custom Cuffs
  • Molded
  • Glue On


  • PVC
  • Urethane
  • Helix-wire and plastic
  • TPR's
  • EVA


Drive & Idle Pulleys 

Drive belts (Cylindrical) 

Molded wheels w/ inserts

Battery mounts/tie downs

Grounding straps

Static dissapative hosing

When customers demand quiet maintenance, Midwest Rubber can help reduce or eliminate noise from vibrating parts or assemblies. Common sources include noisy belt designs, vibrating roto-molds, loud hose or exhaust systems, or even whistling squeegee blades.

Our technical specialists can work with you to reduce noise pollution and create quieter machines. 

Vac fan muffler

Orbital isolator

Engine/cab mounts

General isolation

Drip tube

Site tube w/ printing

High pressure spray hose/fittings

Debris containment skirt

Dust shrouding

Sewn skirting

Brush guards

Tank lid vacuum seal 

Motor seal

Bulk head seals

Molded bumpers



Handle grips

Grip tape / Surface protection / Slip prevention


Exhaust wrapping

Catalytic shrouding

Custom floor scrubber parts

If you are looking to improve the performance, cost, or lead time of a part for your equipment, Midwest Rubber can help

  • 1

    Co-Design the best part

    We can present options that will increase performance, decrease cost and improve durability

  • 2

    Prototype, sample and test

    We can provide samples and prototypes fast, so you can test and make adjustments

  • 3

    Keep machine goals on target

    From design to distribution we work along side you as an extension of the team to ensure your performance and budget goals are met


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We were actually thinking we needed to buy a new scrubber machine but now that we have these Midwest Rubber blades it's picking up the water great."

Gary L.
Facility Manager