Conveyor belt Support

Get the right conveyor belt for maximum output

If you are looking to improve the performance, cost or lead time of a part for your equipment, Midwest Rubber can help

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    Identify Your Belt

    We can identify the material, style, brand, size, and configuration of the belt currently on your machine so you can easily order the same one or find a different one

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    Get the best belt for the job

    Whether you want to fix a nagging belt issue or increase output, our application specialists can assess your application to recommend a "best" belt or confirm the one you have is right for the job

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    Keep you Up & Running Smoothly

    Getting the right belt will minimize unplanned downtime freeing up time to focus on your people and product output instead of your equipment. 

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The team at Midwest Rubber has always gone above and beyond to meet our needs as a customer. We called MWR at 9:30 pm on a Thursday night, and by 2am they had the belt ready for pick up.  Thank you very much MWR team for the dedication and quick response so we were able to keep our plants running!!

Grant F.
Manager Plant Engineering