Positive Drive Conveyor Belts

Extruded thermoplastic polyurethane friction drive

Thickness: 2, 3 mm

Durometer: 98A

Top Surface: Smooth & Profile options

Runs on: Sprockets

Metal, X-ray detectable and low temp versions

Brands: ProClean®, Habasit friction drive, Volta® Thermoplastic TPE


Drive lugs are located in the center for self-tracking

Thickness:  3, 4, 6 mm

Durometers: 98A, 53D, 55D

Top Surface: Smooth & Profile options

Runs on: Pulleys

Metal, X-ray detectable and low temp versions

Brands: ProClean®, Habasit Lug Drive, Volta SuperDrive™ mini SuperDrive™


Teeth run across the full belt width (1", 2" pitch)

Thickness: 3, 4 mm

Durometer: 98A, 53D, 55D

Top surface: Smooth & Profile options

Runs on: Sprockets & Pulleys

Add ons: Metal, X-ray detectable and low temp versions

Brands: ProClean®, Habasit Positive Drive, Volta DualDrive mini DualDrive


Lacing for easy tool-free installations


Hinged Soft Splice, Plastic Rivet Fastener, SS Staple Fastener, SS Self Lock Fastener


Straight, Angle, Bucket configuration Standard heights up to 6"


Standard heights up to 6"


Thermoplastic Positive Drive Belts

This belt style is one of our top recommendations because of its homogenous solid structure. Made from extruded polyurethane with no fabric reinforcement, its 100% closed surface is free of cracks and crevices. This hygienic belt style is an excellent alternative to plastic modular belts.


Easy to clean

Easy to install

Ultra hygienic

Short lead time

ProClean® Conveyor Belts are a Direct Drop in for SuperDrive™


Frequently Asked Questions

ProClean Vs. Volta SuperDrive™

ProClean vs Volta thermoplastic, Is the material composition similar?

ProClean and Volta thermoplastic belts are made from extruded polyurethane that are similar in hardness and performance. While the recipe/formulation may vary slightly, both are easy to scrape and durable for demanding food processing applications. 

  • Compatible with HACCP systems and standard hygiene/sanitation regimens (CIP)
  • USDA/FDA/USDA Dairy certified and conforms to EC regulations
Can I use ProClean belts without changing my current set up?

As long as you stay with the same positive drive belt style (drive bar, flat belt, center drive) and the same pitch you do not need to retrofit your system. The design and pitch of the ProClean belts are close enough to engage so you can easily drop them into your current set up without changing your sprockets or pulleys. Although you may want to change them for hygienic reasons.

If you are currently using a fabric/flat belt you can switch to a ProClean friction drive thermoplastic flat belt with out changing your current set up.  You just need to make sure to choose the right belt thickness that will work with your current pulley diameters.  Our application consultants can help you choose. 

How fast can I get a ProClean belt from Midwest Rubber?

Typical lead time is 1 week for all ProClean styles.  Flat belts with no fabrication can ship in 3-4 days.  If you are down or have an emergency, our team will do everything we can to get you a belt within 24 hours. 

Why should I switch from Volta to Proclean?

The ProClean® brand was established in 2016 in response to high customer demand for hygienic and durable thermoplastic belts. 

Midwest Rubber recommends ProClean as an excellent choice because of price, quality, service and support.

ProClean offers some unique product features that customers can benefit from:

  • Made in the USA for consistent quality and supply chain stability
  • A wide temperature range offering for high heat and cold applications
  • Unique profiles for extra grip and release properties
  • Dark blue color hides staining better than other lighter offerings

Midwest Rubber is committed to finding the best belt for your specific application.  Our application experts are familiar with every brand and all the product features so we can recommend the best belt for the job. 

How do I Identify my current belt for cross reference to ProClean?

Tell us what you know about the belt currently on your equipment (part number, material, style, brand, size, color, configuration) and our application specialists can easily find a comparable belt. 

Don't worry if you only have some of the information, our material experts can fill in the blanks.

Send pictures of both the top and bottom of the belt along with a sprocket to csr@midwestrubber.com

Our application specialists can assess your application to recommend a "best" belt or confirm the one you have is right for the job

What if I'm not completely satisfied with my ProClean belt?

Before you order a new belt from Midwest Rubber, our application specialists will make sure you are getting the best/right belt for the application and the proper cross reference for a perfect fit. 

Midwest Rubber is so confident in ProClean belts that we will refund your money if you are not 100% satisfied. 

We can recommend the best positive drive belt for your application

Midwest Rubber application experts are familiar with every brand and all the product features and benefits so we can recommend the best belt for the job.


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I appreciate Midwest Rubber's patience and willingness to listen and understand our specific application.  We have been looking for something exactly like  this for years! "

Erik K.
Maintenance Manager